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A few words from the graduates of our programs...

Nick Stammers, Saint Brélade Jersey

I actually think it’s the most important skill that anyone can cultivate and nurture. And the process and approach that you take Joe is from an overall communication perspective which helps people in every aspect of their life, professional and personal. The skills get ingrained in you at a cellular level and it shifts and transforms you forever. I’m glad to hear that the game is on again.
— Mel Abraham, Simi Valley CA
Communicating is a skill, no matter if it is to one or one thousand, it can be honed and improved upon. There is none better than Joe Williams in giving you the best skills in the area of communication and leadership. This event changed my life, and helped me clear some blind spots in my approach to communicating. It also helped clarify my message and gave me tools to walk out the door and market myself effectively. I landed a HUGE training gig with AT&T right off the bat!!!
— Mike Savage, Lakeland FL
Joe takes you to the process step by step and takes the time to give you the feed back you need so you can step up to be your best on stage. There is no competition to Joe’s events so stop looking for other programs and just do it!!!
— Valeria Grunbaum, Miami FL
I was asked to make a 5 minute Firewalking presentation to the Rotary Club in Boone, NC. There are SEVERAL SHAKERS and MOVERS in this Club so I jumped at the chance. I practiced my @$$ off last night packing as much CONTENT as I could into the 5 minute talk. I did not want to go over 1 second of my time allotted thereby honoring the 5 minutes they gave me. The Keynote Speaker they had lined up this morning did not show. The organizer approached me with desperation in her eyes and asked me if I could talk for 40 minutes instead of 5. My training from the Bootcamp immediately kicked in. Joe taught us that we must be ready in a moments notice to change it up. Having back-up stories and content that you have rehearsed MANY TIMES will someday SAVE YOUR ASS. Just more evidence why Joe and Alison’s Speakers Bootcamp is totally KICK ASS.
— Dave Albin

Heather Ripley, Maryville TN