impact case study 

WEEK 7 - authority architecture


Download this pdf before watching the next video!



#1 - CREATE your content planner!

Fill in the blanks on the above pdf and plan out your next 30 days of videos & posts.

#2 - POST a quick video (2-3 minutes) in the FB Group

YOUR TOPIC: Choose Your Own Adventure! Pick ONE of the squares in the content planner pdf! 

It doesn’t matter which day, which week, which square. Just choose one and record as if you were posting on your own page (bonus points if you do post on your own page - but no pressure!) Post your video in the FB Group!

Stacking again - prepping your ideas specifically through the content planner, open-body-close, if you need to - prepare, practice, present…or just countdown 3, 2, 1 - GO! Bring your energy, enthusiasm, passion. Keep it real, sincere, authentic. Be flexible, be you! If you are in the zone - batch your videos! Do 2 or 3 videos right away, or 1 whole week or the entire month!

Joe will give feedback in the comments on each post!